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progress. already they've set a date for the next negotiations. september 14th and 15th. in direct talks they agreed on a one-year time line. we're making progress. ultimately clinton said the peace would have to be up to the people. >> your leaders may be sitting at the negotiating table, but you are the ones who will ultimately decide the future. you hold the future of your families, your communities, your people, this region in your hands. >> of course, conversations were complicated by the recent killings of israelis and uncertainty on the future ons
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on settlements. we already know what the final answer is. i'll tell you. everyone knows in the end there will be three main elements of this peace deal if it ever happens. israel will get some of the settlement land in the west bank. they'll give it to the palestinian grip. with some small exceptions. they'll split jerusalem. and we're done. it's that simple. mark my words. when they get a peace deal, that will be the outline. that's why i want to begin to ask in today's show. joining us now is white house correspondent savannah guthrie who has been covering all the day's developments. first of all, do we have any tangible signs of progress? >> well, when it comes to middle east peace, the signs of progress may be incremental. i think that's the case here
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today. the biggest sign of progress, they're still talking. there's going to be another group of talks in egypt. as i understand it from senior land official in the u.s. government, this was not a necessarily precooked outcome. ha lot of times you do these talks and the progress that gets announced is something everybody knew would happen. that's not the case here. so they've agreed to continue talking thereafter. roughly every two weeks or so. they're going to come up with a framework of a deal. the conventional wisdom is the basic structure of a deal is out there and known. if it were so easy, one asked why it hasn't happen led in this point. one issue is of settlements. israelis put a partial freeze onset lmentes in the west bank. that expires at the end of the
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month. the palestinians said essentially the talks will collapse under their own weight. israel has been ambiguous about whether or not it would continue the freeze or not. that will be a key issue. we're going to get the test soon here. the other issue is the elephant in the room. hamas is not a party to the talks. a lot of people wonder how can abbas, who represents the palestinian authority, how can he negotiate a peace deal when not everyone is at the table? >> those are all good questions. i love the progress is when we've agreed to talk. we've talked about talking. that's fantastic. one more important question, earlier in the week a defense minister for israel said they'll get east jerusalem in a peace deal. that's interesting. is he speaking for the israeli
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government? >> it's hard to say. this is a coalition government. there have been high profile occasions where certain ministers have said something that doesn't necessarily represent the israeli government position. they made the announcements onset lmentes. it was an embarrass m for the israeli government. so on and so forth. it's unclear. they're both at the table. there are key issues that have to be resolved. a lot of people feel like they know where they're going to be. it will take painful and mutual concessions. giving up east jerusalem would f qualify under that rubric. it's very much in the early going. it's unclear we'll ever to get to that point. >> savannah guthrie. for more perspective, let's bring in the president. a jewish organization that
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advocates a two-state solution for the palestinian conflict. let me start by asking you this. we had netanyahu saying it takes a hawk to bring us lasting peace. that's an interesting statement because the other side's hawks are not represented in the equation. does that mean netanyahu means hamas should be brought in. >> for the israeli side, the number one issue is security. they will go along with a deal if they feel real security is being promised and that the government feels it can be provided. the only side they're going to believe is the more hawkish side, when the doves or the more liberal folks try to bring peace plans before, the israelis haven't felt as confident as they would if netanyahu tells them it's okay. there's going be security. >> i know you're for peace.
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your organization. but you think netanyahu may be able to pull this off. the second element is does he really want to? >> that's the big question. that's the variable we'll find out. we'll have a good indication in the next month based on whether or not israelis extend what they have. if you have the political will, you can get this done. our question for all of us who want to see this happen, is does the prime minister of israel have the political will? >> hamas is not at these negotiations. we don't know if the palestinian representatives have the authority to pull it off. . if netanyahu is right, i'm back to the question, and you need hawks at the table. should we have hamas at the table? >> the correct presumption of the american government is you can't have at the table formally
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a party that has not renounced terror and violence. so the exclusion of hamas until they accept the existence of a state of israel is the correct line for the american government. somebody has to play the role of trying to help the palestinians to reconcile. the egyptians have played the role. the turks have played the role. other third party members need to bring about some form of palestinian reconciliation. until they accept the basic frame works of negotiations, they don't have a place in the sanctioned place of negotiation. >> i think you have to make peace with your enemies, not your friend. you have to find a way to bring them in somehow. otherwise everybody is not signing onto it.
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i want to get your reaction to this. >> okay. >> we call on the israeli government to move forward with its commitment to end all settlement activities and completely lift the embargo over the gaza strip. >> let me get your rea, to that. is he right? >> well, absolutely. the americans put a great deal of pressure on president abas three or four weeks ago to join the talks. they said this is the last changs we're going to have to cheaf the two-state solution. you need to come to the table. similarly the time has come to say if you are really serious, do us a favor, suspend the building for the next few months. let's get this deal done. it's not going to take us that long. put the building on hold. as soon as you have a border that's agreed on, build wherever you would like. without some gesture from the
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israeli government, the talks aren't going anywhere. there's no indication that they're serious. the time has come to put pressure on both sides. that's the role of the u.s. the u.s. president is engaged actively and early in the administration. >> we've gotten to the heart of the issue here. we all agree the rough outlines are as i explained them in the beginning. no right of
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>> the numbers are like pregnancy. you can't be a little bit pregnant. you are or you're not. whether it's 300,000 or a million coming across at any
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given year, the border is still depl deploris. >> jonathan, what do you think? is it the problem with border security, or is it a problem that we don't have enough jobs to draw them over here? for better or for worse? >> well, it's both. let's be honest here. folks want to come here because for a lot of people around the world, not just people coming across the u.s./mexican border, the united states is the promise land, it's a land of milk and honey and has always been the magnet for people who want to this lead a better life. and a free one compared to where they're coming from. if word is trickling back there are no jobs, the hours are being cut, the wages are being cut, then you think twice of making that journey from your homeland to the united states. xnued(>>
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wages are being cut, we're all in a tremendous amount of trouble for the rest of the market. let's get to the heart of this issue. you still won't cover the border if you double or triple it. we're not doing anything about the people who hire them. if we crack down on them we could solve the problem ha lot better. >> we tried that are if 20 years. it didn't work out so well. >> did we? >> we say we did. and various administrations have made the attempt but i don't think last the problem. people don't want to come here and do the jobs they typically do, but who want to come here to do this nation hard. that's the problem with a border we do not control. >> i think more people are
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coming for worse. if you arrest the guys running the company, that problem is solved like that. that no one has tried yet. i want to move to the next story where we're going to have more fun. the story of the trapped chilean miners isn't enough. one of the miners is going to have a lot of explaining to do when he finally surfaces. it turns out both his wife and mistress met at a candle light vigil for the miners. as if the mine collapsing wasn't bad enough, now he has to deal with an angry mistress. the wife may be a little mad, too. the miners requested booze and cigarettes be lowered down to them. who would you hug first when you got out? the wife or the mistress? >> well, if he's got a wife. they're legally married. i'm not sure what the chilean
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laws are on divorce. if she gets half of whatever, i would go for her first and try to patch things up. is the problem here lack of regulation? >> i'm so glad you asked jonathan that question and not m me. >> yeah, who would you hug first in that situation? >> i tell you, the problem is not chilean family values. this guy is playing around on his wife. he shouldn't be doing. he should have known something was going to happen. >> is there any truth to the rumor that don matsey was running the mine. >> mark? >> that's an inside thing, huh? >> he is, of course, the big mine owner in west virginia.
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do they just say, hey, sometimes mines collapse? >> to be honest. i don't know. >> i don't know either. but here's a question that i would love to have answered and maybe we'll find out, is this guy the only one who is two timing his wife? >> they're going to get lonely down there. a lot of crazy stuff may happen. we wish them all well. they're in a tough, tough spot. one is in a particularly tough spot. >> you've been great. thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure. >> coming up, sex parties that will warm your heart. trust me. i can explain. but, senate veterans in the fight of their political lives. if things are this bad for democrats out west, they're in
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and this time, make it your time.
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welcome to the wild, wild west. i enjoy that music. the big battle over the the california seat got more contentious, always fun. carly fiorina and barbara boxer faced off in the first ze bait. both came out swinging. gay rights, immigration, abortion. they went after each other on all the the issues. the economy was talked about the most. >> if you look at senatorboxer's long track record of 28 years in washington, d.c., you will see this she is for more taxes. she is for more spending. she is also for big government
4:28 pm
and elite extreme environmental groups. >> people are going to decide if they want to have me back or if they want to elect someone who made her name as a ceo in hewlett-packard laying thousands and thousands of workers off. surprisingly, this race is really tight. republicans are in enormous trouble if they knock out boxer. let's bring in matt miller host of public radio's left right and center. isboxer in trouble here? >> it's a lot closer than people thought she would be. this is a reflection of how awful the economy is. in california in particular. . you have unemployment around 12%. it's way above the national
4:29 pm
average. you have a baunch of major metropolitan areas as carly fiorina hammers home with unemployment about 15% or above. it's bad. >> if the democrats can't win in california, where can they win? >> i don't think it's by any means a done deal. what we saw last night shows you a preview of what a rough smackdown this will race be in the fall. not many people watch these debates. political people, but very few public. in california with the major media markets and the money they're raising, you saw the theeps being hone that had will be pounded home in negative ad after negative ad that i think will disgust a lot of people by the end. cenk, it's not like a real debate. we don't have debates in american public life. it's more like a set of dualing talking points or simultaneous press conferences.
4:30 pm
barbara boxer takes every question and turns it into an answer that lets her hammer home how fiorina took $21 million in severance from hewlett-packard. on the other side with fiorina, every answer seg segues to hr being a big taxing liberal. >> you brought that up. so i want to follow up on that. is boxer right? did fiorina take about $20 million? more importantly, did she really cut thousands of jobs? did the stock really lose 50%? if it did, what is fiorina's qualifications for the race? >> well, there's a lot of controversy surrounding fo inin fiorina's tenure.
4:31 pm
she certainly was a pathbreaker in that regard. she did get a big tax break. you have ceos getting ousted and getting multimillion dollar paydays. i think boxer is fair to bring that up. but she often talks, as mccain did in the campaign when she was counseling him in the 2008 campaign. she talked directly to americans in saying there are jobs moving abroad in a global economy that we won't be table to keep. we need to innovating and finding the next generation of high-skill jobs. that's a candid message. >> that's definitely fair. but it's not really a bragging point if your company lost 50 million under your tenure. that's boxer's numbers.
4:32 pm
when you looked at colorado and nevada, democrats in trouble there, too. they're only up by 1% in both races. ken buck is losing by 1 point to michael bennett. so if the west line of defense for the democrats, and i think it is, if they lose those seats, is it a tsunami? it's a big tidal wave. if the republicanscan take out harry reid, that's big. the colorado race is interesting. michael bent wasn't elected himself. he was appointed by obama when ken salazar was name fod be secretary of the interior. he is trying to for the first
4:33 pm
time get elected in his own right. he was the head of the denver public school system after a successful career in business. and a really thoughtful education reformer who has a lot of fans inside the beltway already. if he can earn his own victory in this, it will make him an interesting force in the years to come. it's another vulnerable seat that the republicans think they have a chance to pick up. >> i think the republicans are hurts themselves a little bit, and that's my opinion, by picking people like sharon ang that will are so extreme they may lose to harry reid because i don't see how the democrats could have won that seat. he was in a world of trouble until the republicans let him off the hook. >> i think that's a fair point. >> thank you fur joining us, matt. there's much more ahead here on "the dylan ratigan show." the first ever cannabis commercial is out. that's cool. we decide to make it a more effective one. you don't want to miss the world premier coming up next.
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later, follow up on the fiery conversation i had earlier this week with former congressman bob mccuhen. let's hear it for new york. only here can you survive a 40-story death leap by landing on the car and the driver wishes she wasn't there to save you. why is the owner of the car throwing the survivor under the bus? [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]l. [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ]
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a 22-year-old man jumped 40 stories and survived.
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the dodger helped that guy dodge death. get it? dodger, dodge. awesome. no, it's the opposite. she's pissed at it. i miss him. it's my baby. i want to meet him and say why, why, why my car out of all the cars in the city? i'm sure the guy scoped out which car. i heard he got up afterwards and said what now. the owner says i also wonder how he feels after he made it? does he feel like an idiot? that will show him. yelling at him makes sense. the car's owner finally said she kind of felt bad for the guy. he said she's still mad because she just put gas in the car.
4:39 pm
that kind of makes sense. we're happy the guy made it. next question, is ladies night discriminatory? a federal appeals court just said it's not. the court upheld a popular promotion for bars and clubs across the country a lawyer challenged ladies night saying it discriminated against men by charging them more for commission. he also complained about never getting laid, but that was not part of the case. if he really wanted to help out, he would encourage ladies night instead of being the world's biggest buzz kill. if you have ladies night, sometimes more girls show up at the bars, and guys are happy. somebody who tries to prevent more women from going out at night, missed the whole point of the country. it's called america. there's a new trend in america as well. couples throwing sex parties for all their friends. it's not what you. we're not going back to the swinging '70s.
4:40 pm
it's more cute than sexy. couples expecting are having doctors write down the sex of the baby. then they have a sex party and reveal the sex of the child at the end of the party. only in america. if you live in california, don't adjust your television. that is, in fact, a commercial for pot you're seeing. what the new bran of weed customers may look like. [ horns honking ]
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. remember when cigarette companies were allowed to advertise on tv? the gold old days. snoet it's snoet it's light up time ♪ ♪ be happy ♪ relax ♪ it's light up time >> the first cigarette of the day. man, how good that tastes. >> that was then. that was fun. now new television history is being made. a station in sacramento, california, has aired what's believed to be the first paid commercial for medical marijuana. no one is lighting up in the ad. the word marijuana is never used
4:45 pm
snoop dogg isn't in it. but you hear from people praising the medical benefits of pot. we were wondering what they would look like if they started like the tobacco companies did with their first ads. hmm. the first hit of the day. man, how good that tastes. ♪ all right. we tried. we had some fun. scott galloway is a professor at the stern school of business. is that possible for a brand of marijuana? >> i think you're onto something. >> it's one thing to legalize
4:46 pm
pot. it's another thing to let companies advertise it. that brings up an interesting question. should we let them do ads? >> it's a complicated question. if you look at what happened ten years ago when they brought some clarity about advertising on broadcast. it stole the evening news. if you look at the evening news programs right now, it's a lesson on what happens as you get older. it's brought to you by the pharmaceutical industry. we've seen a seven-fold increase in directing consumer marketing dollars from the pharmaceutical industry. if you think this is a big business and you think the message is getting out there regardless, why not put it through the proper channel? >> you're saying the answer is let's advertise pot. >> you can advertise brands whose primary active ingredient is heroin? >> which one is that? >> ambien or sleeping aid.
4:47 pm
>> a conservative talk show host would have known the answer. >> we won't go there. it's a difficult argument. especially when you look at the proven medical indications. we had some relief from pot. >> that could also change like miller's high life ads. living the high life could take on a different meaning. does pot have a good brand already? it's i'll legal? >> among a core constituency, it's an aspirational brand with a lot of good will around it once you go through traditional broadcast channels, it creates a halo of credibility. the ad you guys mocked up would be considered a brand preference ad where you're trying to sell
4:48 pm
one brand of marijuana over another. they were more or less going after the larger issue about whether or not cannabis is an effective remedy for any sort of indication. >> brands love synergy. what do you think pot could partner up with here? >> the options are endless. a couple things will happen. joking aside. if they seriously want to create a viable channel around con super advertising, they have to communicate to people and say this is a consumer product with medicinal benefits. the product placement opportunities are broad. >> finally, should we legalize it? i want to answer anyway. should we advertise it?
4:49 pm
>> the first question is above my pay grade? >> give it to me. >> this is a bigger issue. my sense is right now a lot of people smoke pot whether it's reasons. for the right and wrong reasons. >> i'm sure it's not happening at nyu. should they be able to advertise it if it's legal? absolutely. >> thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> coming up on "hardball." the democrats who now say they're for bush tax cuts. are they just doing it to keep their jobs? the answer is, of course. first, calls for a republican who thinks veterans should do more to help politicians in cutting the deficit. this is outrageous. i have something to say about that guy after a real quick break here. boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko.
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you spent it on the tax cuts for the rich. how about we get our money back? >> well, either the money is spent or it's there as a surplus. >> so you spent it? >> the fact it's gone. >> that was a former congressman saying our social security trust fund is gone.
4:54 pm
that $2.5 trillion surplus, too bad. we already spent it. deal with it. he is leading president obama's deficit commission. he says # 10 million americans are milking social security. that's like saying for you put your money into a bank and later want to take it out, you're milking the bank. that makes no sense. . it's our money. they had no right to spend it on other priorities. now he's going after a new target for deficit commission. he's going to talk about cutting defense? of course not. or raising taxes on the super rich? of course not. he goes after the most vulnerable people in the country again. this time he says war veterans are not helping by collecting disability benefits. are you kidding me? after we send them to war and ask them to sacrifice their bodies and possibly their lives, they're not being helpful by
4:55 pm
collecting their disability. he adds the irony that the v veterans who saved the country are in a way not helping to save the country. wow, so it's up to the veterans to balance the the budget by sucking it up and not collecting the benefits they desperately need to pay their medical costs? it's not up to the politicians? it's not up to you. it's up to the veteran who is fought the wars? i'm amazed by these people. how do they sleep at night? now, you know what's ironic? pretending you're for the troops when you want to start a war. then throwing the troops under the bus the minute you get a chance. it's also iron to pretend it's their responsibility to balance the budget after you spend trillions on wars you start that
4:56 pm
had caused their disabilities in the first place. one of the largest veterans groups in the country called for his dismissal. senator simpson cannot figure out how to balance the budget if he can't do it off the backs of the elderly, the disabled or the veterans. let me help him out. we could have not gone into the senseless, absurd, counterproductive insane war in iraq. that would have saved us at least $709 billion so far. we would also save $160 billion every year going forward if we got out of iraq and afghanistan right now. ironically getting out of the wars would also save us much more of the disability payments for the veterans that simpson seems to hate so much. you think they're done? they're not done. the defense contractors are like
4:57 pm
bob. they never go away. >> it was a disaster failure. >> no it wasn't. you were wonderful. you were fine dad. why do you need to kick bob out of the house? >> you think he's gone? he's not gone. that's the whole point. he's never gone. >> is this some radical new therapy? >> you see! >> bill murray, the perfect defense contractor there. interesting analogy. they're never gone. the afghanistan war is now surging. we're escalating the war. there will be one after that and one after that. the defense industry and the politicians they buy will make all their money up front and then ask veterans to take disability cuts later. here's another suggestion. how about we start giving $45 billion in subsidies for the largest oil companies in the world?
4:58 pm
that's mental! they're making record profits and they're multi-national corporations, and we're robbing the american people of the $45 billion over the next ten years to give them more money? for simpson that's a bridge too far. can't touch the oil companies. they're too powerful. how about we give them another enormous tax cut if we stop the bush tax cuts for the top 2% we would save $681 billion over the next ten years. they don't want to cut that, no. they want to cut your benefits. social security or disability. that would slightly incon convenience senator simpson's rich plan. he can take the money from you, because you can't fight back.
4:59 pm
luckily, we elect ad democratic president who was supposed to stand up to powerful interests in favor of us. what has president obama done about this? first, he made simpson cochair. he put simpson in charge. when these came out, the president backed him up and said his job is safe. they wonder why the people who voted for him may be disillusioned when progressives in the administration get fired for the slightest offense to fox news and conservatives who want to cut social security, end disability benefits to veterans, get the full backing of the president, that might give you a clue. tune in tomorrow when al simpson kicks a puppy and says the puppy had it coming. i'm

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